Rhonda Starr, Hopi Medicine Woman

Rhonda Starr, Hopi, Warren Ohio, healer, medium, shaman, medicine woman, metaphysical, divination, healing, energy
Hello & blessings! I am a Hopi Medicine Woman (Shaman) and granddaughter of Chief and High Priest  Edmund Nequatewa.

Emotive Massage: Experience physical and emotional balance during a healing massage designed to restore elasticity in muscles and connective tissues. Tailored to your individual needs, an emotive massage goes directly to the source of discomfort to increase flexibility and range of motion while clearing your emotional body of stagnant energy. 

Shamanic Healing: Directed energy will have you feeling renewed with long-lasting results. Feel better physically, emotionally & spiritually after your very first session.

Readings & Mediumship: Discuss any topic and receive practical, applicable guidance during genuine spirit communication which is clear-cut and succinct.

Joshua Jarael 
Metaphysician & Root Doctor

Going many generations back, both sides of my family have practiced the arts of magick, mediumship, and conjure. I blend my Germanic and Puerto Rican heritages in order to bring about the best results for my clients.  

Mediumship: Through mediumship, you will experience peace and closure as your loved one brings forth specific information to let you know they are with you.

Magick: For successful outcomes in legal proceedings or obstacle removal, contact me for a magickal working.

Root Work: Herbs, roots, potions, mojos and more

Your privacy is extremely important to me and you can trust that all readings and workings are done with the strictest of confidentiality.
Joshua Jarael, Warren Ohio, medium, psychic, rootworker, rootwork, conjure, hoodoo, divination, magick,