Magick Workings & Root Work 

Magick: Success, justice, removal of obstacles and more. Priced according to effort and numerology that matches your desire for concrete results. 

Root Work: Herbs, potions, mojo bags,
candle magick, doll babies


Distance Healing 

 Spirit is aware of the precise energies that you require in order to heal. Depending upon what you need, ​​you may experience:​

Release of anxiety
Release of pain / fatigue
Calmness / elevated mood
 Greater focus & more physical energy
$45 for 30 minutes 

Spiritual Reading/Mediumship

Receive accurate information about what concerns you the most .

$50 / 30 min. 

Spiritual Cleansing

Through everyday contact with people & places, negative energies may take up residence in your auric field and home and will eventually wear down your immune system and cause problems in your mental/physical/spiritual well-being. 

We will cleanse & clear you through a ceremony of spiritual clearing and protection.  ​​ Price is determined on a case by case basis


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